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Zukunftsbau GmbH
Zukunftsbau GmbH, Berlin
Zukunftsbau, a company dedicated to promoting youth vocational training

Zukunftsbau is a non-profit-making limited company that has made it its job to give disadvantaged youths and young people a chance to receive vocational training in order to ensure long-term social integration. As a company functioning orientated around current working practice, Zukunftsbau deals with the occupational fields of construction, metal construction, cleaning service, administration, gastronomy as well as IT and media.

At Zukunftsbau, training and qualification are integrated into social housing, urban redevelopment and district management projects. Zukunftsbau creates added value that translates into a market orientated training system and a coefficient combination of both its own ressources and subsidies to form an altogether effective whole.

In order to support and develop its work further, Zukunftsbau has been working since 1994 in cooperation with twelve partners from ten European countries. Zukunftsbau has carried out numerous European promoted pilot projects and pre-operational studies and was presented in 1999 with the Theodor-Heuss Award.

Zukunftsbau’s range of concerns include:
  • Regular employment projects abroad for trainees and technical personnel
    Programmes: Leonardo da Vinci and Jugend (Youth)
  • Development of innovative training programmes
    Modular training concepts, methods of mediation orientated towards target groups etc.
    Programme: Leonardo da Vinci (pilot project)
  • Models of regional cooperation in the labour market
    Cooperation between training institutions and commercial establishments, development of cross-departmental networks for the creation of work and training placements
    Programme: EQUAL community initiative
  • Town development and enhancement of the residential areas
    Designing of public places, sustainable development of underprivileged districts
    Programmes: ESF (European Social Fund), Soziale Stadt (Social City), Leonardo da Vinci Mobility, YOUTHSTART community initiative
  • Personnel development in labour market promotion and youth vocational training
    Training of personnel in current methods of assessment, coaching, advice and mediation to disadvantaged people with the use of innovative information and communication technology
    Programmes: ESF, EQUAL community initiative
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