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Register free of charge and become a member. After registration all materials and instruments are availible to download.

Take advantage of membership in the European Certification Centre BASICON and the European Network BASICON for vocational training.

Userís agreement

With the registration you agree to the following regulations:

  • The products are owned by ZUKUNFTSBAU GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
  • All members can use free of charge the materials and documents only for not commercial purposes as vocational training in scholls, workshops and enterprises and for public relation activities.
  • For any commercial use you need the allowance by Zukunftsbau GmbH, Berlin.
  • For any modification of the materials and instruments you need the allowance by Zukunftsbau Gmb, Berlin.
  • User are not allowed to include any material from unknown sources which may be protected by copyright, or knowingly include copyright material without acknowledgement of that copyright or seeking permission to use the material (as appropriate).
  • In the case of passing on materials and instruments you have to advert that this userís agreement is valid for this case too.
  • Using die Qualification Passport BASICON or parts of it you declare that that your training programmm corresponds to the BASICON structure and contents and to the national quality standards for vocational training.
  • You agre that the date given in the registration can be saved at Zukunftsbau GmbH and can be used for evaluation and passed to the European Commision on demand. The passing on for other purposes is is allowed only with the agreement by the member.

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